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  • adj. resembling a branch of a tree


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  • At the darkest recess of the room there seemed a crack or fissure leading down and away into dirt; and from within that shadowed hole faintly visible were a pair of twitchy branchlike probes.


  •   Two victims of the night laid still in the trail with their discarded long, branchlike objects  tossed to their side.

    dinner time

  • Most lung cancers occur in the branchlike system of the bronchial tubes.

    Lasers To The Rescue: Killing Cancer With Light

  • He held up the long branchlike map Venera had taken from the tourist station.

    Sun of Suns

  • His right hand clutched the end of a speaking tube and he alternated between sighting along the branchlike map and peering through the periscope.

    Sun of Suns

  • He clasped four of his branchlike arms behind his squat, wide body and gestured with the remaining two.

    In Alien Hands

  • A rare carnivorous plant, the black willow masked itself as log or tree and preyed on hapless creatures it lulled to sleep beneath its spreading, branchlike ten'tacles.

    The Dark Queen

  • Using forceps, he stripped several of the branchlike projections or “barbs” from both sides of the shaft and, stationing himself at the stereoscopic microscope, placed them on a thin film of xylene that he had dropped on a slide.


  • The forms darted in and around the peculiar branchlike growths formed by the hexalates.


  • The stones formed of carbonates or phosphates are usually smooth on the surface, though they may be molded into the shape of the cavity in which they have been formed; thus those in the pelvis of the kidney may have two or three short branchlike prolongations, while those in the bladder are round, oval, or slightly flattened upon each other.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse


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