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  • n. A distinguishing mark burned upon the skin or horn of an animal as a means of identification; hence, a mark cut, as on timber, or painted etc., for his purpose.


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  • Merchantable export flour had to be branded with the “provincial brand-mark, … sufficient and capable to impress in a fair and distinguishable manner the arms of the province of Pennsylvania with the letter P on each side”; for his trouble, the officer was to have from the shipper “one penny per cask and no more.”

    A History of American Law

  • In these days, in cases where the Church now exacts no more than sincere repentance from the erring wife, society is satisfied with a brand-mark instead of an execution.


  • Yes, as plain as I saw it: and, perhaps, for the first time, he saw also the brand-mark with which its pressure has encircled your arm.


  • I had seen a small cask with a Portuguese brand-mark burned into its side being rolled into the kitchens in the afternoon, and glasses of the ruby liquid kept reappearing by Don Francisco's left hand as though by magic through the evening.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • The bellowing cattle, the plunging steeds, the excitement of lassoing some bull more refractory than usual, the hissing of the iron as it sears the brand-mark deep into the animal's hide, all these are elements of exquisite enjoyment to the unsophisticated Rarey of the Plains.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 16, February, 1859

  • Hence, he becomes a kind of _convict_ in society -- his debts resembling a log of wood chained to his body, and a brand-mark on his conscience.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 277, October 13, 1827

  • Cavillers may say that the brand-mark is "respectable mediocrity"; even so, the value of the whole will be very remarkable, and we may be sure that less prejudiced and therefore better judges will form a higher appreciation.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon

  • "You have a terrific fever," he said, "and four festering wounds, for the brand-mark is festering already; you are in danger of death anyhow as it is; you will never recover from a scourging."

    Andivius Hedulio Adventures of a Roman Nobleman in the Days of the Empire

  • David Campbell and Alexander Pettigrew, for the burglary of two watches, received each fifteen stripes, the loss of the right ear, and the brand-mark "B" on the forehead.

    History of the United States, Volume 1 (of 6)

  • The water -- the terrible thaumaturgic stream -- clung to him more inseparably than the brand-mark on a slave's arm.

    Serapis — Volume 04


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