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  • adj. courageous, brave


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  • What always gets me is the forked-tounged, brass-balled gall of people like Zarkhov.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Shahzad and Miranda Rights

  • Okay, it would have been better with anyone but Roger Moore, but that kind of brass-balled role-reversal is funny and kind of cool.

    The Most Bondian Moments #17-21

  • The amount of sheer brass-balled brass-ballery it takes to say with a straight face on Larry King Live that ninjas killed him and made it look like he died jerking off is utterly breathtaking.

    dispatches from TJICistan

  • In a league where players choreograph personal post-touchdown/sack performances with the precision of Hollywood special effects teams — with no input or real ability for the league brass to stop them, the potential for a supremely embarrassingly series of brass-balled, public call-outs against Limbaugh would have given the game such a black eye and called further attention to Rush's hateful crazy that it would have probably superceded the the 1968 Olympics “Black Glove/Black Power” medal podium protest firestorm.


  • One minute she could be the Beltway’s biggest brass-balled bitch, and the next she was turning in a “Please, sir, may I have some more?” performance worthy of the best Dickens novel.


  • - but there was perhaps no move more purely, willfully brass-balled than his personal tax scheme, described by Sarah Lawsky at TaxProfBlog:

    Libertarian Blog Place


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