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  • adj. superlative form of brassy: most brassy.


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  • Anya pinched the bridge of her nose with her fingers, unwilling to let the conversation degenerate into a discussion of which member of the Order of the Golden Dawn had the brassiest balls.


  • But in my over 20 years in journalism -- including a stint as an editorial writer and book editor that blessed me with the trade's brassiest awards, from the Pulitzer Prize on down -- I have never encountered a slicker spin than the administration's announcement today, April 25, of a "joint nuclear energy action plan" between the United States and Japan.

    Alex Raksin: The Spin Over the "Joint Nuclear Energy Action Plan"

  • First the delerious joy of Karl Rove being hauled before the grand jury an unprecedented FIFTH time, then Stephen Colbert comes up with the brassiest, ballsiest satirical turn ever right in the stupefied presence of everyone who matters–and now this!

    Firedoglake » Carpe Diem

  • “I want to know where the Martha Paul stands with The Foundation,” he said bluntly, getting down to the brassiest of tacks.

    Generous Death

  • The sergeant of the housecarl platoon that had brought the prisoner up from Catawrayannis Port said in his brassiest voice, "Don't address traitors by titles they've forfeited."

    The Rebel Worlds

  • Mike stuck out his tongue and blew the longest, loudest, brassiest, and juiciest Bronx cheer that Malone had ever heard.

    The Impossibles

  • Mike stuck out his tongue and blew the longest, loudest, brassiest and juiciest Bronx cheer that Malone had ever heard.

    Out Like a Light

  • 'You've all been the dupes of one of the biggest, brassiest swindles in history.

    The Long Way Home

  • The most empty of your many ostentatious orchestral soliloquies, the most feeble of your many piano-pyrotechnics, the iciest of your bouquets of icy, exploding stars, the brassiest of your blatant perorations, the very falsest of your innumerable paste jewels, declare that you were born to sit among the great ones of your craft.

    Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers

  • And his combination of dress was certainly odd enough: a frayed, cutaway coat with extremely long tails, dripping wet and dangling cylindrically like sections of melted stovepipe; mussy, baggy old gray trousers; a blue plush waistcoat; a black, but clean muffler pinned tight up under his chin with a safety pin of the brassiest; and a broad-brimmed black slouch hat, so broad of brim that he walked forever in its shadow.

    The Best Short Stories of 1915 And the Yearbook of the American Short Story


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