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  • n. Any of a family of steroidal plant hormones produced by members of the genus Brassica; the brassins


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  • By manipulating brassinosteroid expression in plans, scientists may someday be able to not only keep grass short and green, but (ultimately more important, of course) also develop sturdier, more fruitful crop plants such as rice, wheat, soybeans, and corn.

    Cutting grass down to size

  • Cano-Delgado A, Yin YH, Yu C, Vafeados D, Mora-Garcia S, et al. (2004) BRL1 and BRL3 are novel brassinosteroid receptors that function in vascular differentiation in Arabidopsis.

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  • J (1997) A putative leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase involved in brassinosteroid signal transduction.

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  • Nam KH, Li J (2007) Allele-specific suppression of a defective brassinosteroid receptor reveals a physiological role of UGGT in ER quality control.

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  • Yamamuro C, Ihara Y, Wu X, Noguchi T, Fujioka S, et al. (2000) Loss of function of a rice brassinosteroid insensitive1 homolog prevents internode elongation and bending of the lamina joint.

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  • Arabidopsis BiP interacts with a mutant form of the brassinosteroid (BR) receptor, bri1-9, but not the wild-type BR receptor

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  • They found that brassinosteroid oppositely regulate these genes-ILI1 was activated and IBH1 was repressed.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • Liu XF, Li JY (2004) Arabidopsis RAV1 is down-regulated by brassinosteroid and may act as a negative regulator during plant development.

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  • Mouchel CF, Osmont KS, Hardtke CS (2006) BRX mediates feedback between brassinosteroid levels and auxin signalling in root growth.

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  • ABA, abscisic acid; ACC, ethylene; AtML1, Arabidopsis thaliana meristem layer 1; BR, brassinosteroid; BRI1, BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE 1; CK, cytokinin;

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