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  • n. Plural form of braying.


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  • Notwithstanding the brave brayings of a few, it will be a very cold day before a majority of her caucus will turn on her if she decided to stand for Minority Leader.

    Michael Yaki: Nancy Pelosi: Down, Definitely Not Out

  • What occasions these regular brayings on the need to show the world the United States is a free nation?

    Liberal Piety and the Memory of 9/11

  • Does Obama have — despite the brayings of the right — too much faith in the markets at a time when prudence suggests that they cannot rescue themselves?

    The Editor’s Desk: Obama's Nobel Headache

  • There's plenty of sweat and fuss, heaving chests and passionate brayings, and everything seems gauzy and languid.

    Jason Linkins: A Streetcar Named Rupert Murdoch

  • These pro-gay developments disturb the minds of some in our country who arefragile as eggshells in their self-esteem, brainwashedby the brayings and boastings of the professional homo-haters.

    Okla-Homo-Haters Club -- When Hope is Not Enough

  • I believe you're playing the very definition of a "concern troll" and I think you're way over the top with your drivel saying that our celebrating the government of a party we detest, and the incoherent brayings of its more moronic supporters is anyway similar to the murderous violence and hatred in Mumbai.

    Apparently, it's Stephen Harper's Canada ...

  • Her sweet Texas drawl can make Yankees fall silent in shame at their donkey-like brayings, her delightfully pointed and still-gentle humor ties the tongues of gruff Westerners, and her fellow Southerners are just glad she's one of them.

    Italian Sausage Pilau

  • While the modest man, with his pausing brayings, Mad-da — Mad-dam, looked as if he knew not whether to fight it out, or to stand his ground, and see fair play.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • I ask: If not a reichwing/redneck/christonazi state, how to explain the extreme racist, xenophobic brayings of the Congressman Tancredo from District Six in CENTRAL COlorado who engages in daily diatribes against immigrants forgetting his grandpa got off the boat from Sicily not too long ago without the benefit of a Visa…And what about all those religious fanatics full of hate down in Colorado Springs?

    Think Progress » Musgrave: Gay Marriage ‘Is The Most Important Issue That We Face Today’

  • His eye was filled with their splendid trappings, his ear with their proud brayings.

    Funeral Games


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