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  • n. Plural form of breadwinner.


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  • When we pledge to cover rent, food or insurance, we free up single breadwinners from the unimaginable anxiety of having to cope with the medical, emotional, physical and financial catastrophe that has suddenly befallen them.

    Valerie Sobel: Real Talk About a "Silent Crisis"

  • An increasing number of young women like myself are the primary breadwinners, which is no problem, except for the fact that we end up working full time, doing most of the housework, kin work, consumption work, and care work.

    Is this the New Patriarchy or Economic Restructuring?

  • ILO also noted that women are perceived as caregivers while men are the breadwinners, which is why companies will rather pay women lower wages and fewer benefits as they are perceived as secondary income earners.

    IPS Inter Press Service

  • I imagine it will be difficult for these women, who are apparently the "breadwinners" of their families, to navigate what is a secular industry, at least here in the US.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • (This will certainly be an improvement over the circumstances many housewives, for example, currently endure-in which they do labor without economic compensation and thus become dependent on their, usually, male "breadwinners").


  • The remainder of the "breadwinners" were engaged in trade and transportation, and in professional, personal, and public service.

    Community Civics and Rural Life

  • Fourteen years later, and the "breadwinners" who are supposedly in their prime have seen an almost 10% drop in employment.

  • Adult male employment for those ages 25 to 54 (the group known as "breadwinners") has now fallen to where unemployment exceeds

    U.S. News

  • Normative assumptions about men's and women's roles (as 'breadwinners' and 'mothers / carers' respectively) have been surprisingly universal and enduring, even where many women engaged in paid work, sometimes continuously throughout their lives.

  • Gender inequality contributed to imbalance in the division of labour, and perpetuated stereotypes of men as "breadwinners" and women as "caregivers".

    Media Newswire


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