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  • n. A style of electronic music characterised by a high tempo, distorted kickdrums, and samples from various sources.


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break +‎ -core


  • "breakcore" music (digital hardcore) and saw your campaign "Girls Love Breakcore" ...

    Chinalyst - China blogs in English

  • Illuminated solely by the warm glow of numerous laptop screens and a thousand flashing LEDs, a 12-hour, genre-hopping celebration of electronic music gets underway this afternoon, with a sonic showcase of local artists and producers alongside internationally acclaimed talent such as the Teknoist, French breakcore star Rotator, Michael Forshaw and Sheffield's dapper digitalist the Squire Of Gothos.

    Clubs picks of the week

  • This song comes from his new album, Bongo, released by the Germany-based Cock Rock Disco label, run by Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer), and home to other bands bent on sonic destruction (some moreso than others - its a great label for the serious breakcore steez).

    Music (For Robots): April 2006 Archives

  • Actually, music nerds know that there's nothing better than discovering something supposedly deeply uncool and re-presenting it as something very cool - De la Soul are in the same bracket as breakcore versions of '99 Red Balloons', Enya vs Prodidgy mash-ups, Sonic Youth's love of the Carpenters, etc, etc.

    The importance of being earnest

  • Jason Forrest è un musicista elettronico noto per la sua musica sperimentale elettronica e breakcore.

    No Fat Clips!!! : JASON FORREST – War Photographer

  • Jason Forrest is an electronic music producer known for noisy experimental electronica and breakcore.

    No Fat Clips!!! : JASON FORREST – War Photographer

  • Do I need seperate categories for glitchcore and breakcore?

    The Type Of Shit I Aspire To

  • Zombie live@ Nuclear assault 2, Vilnius, Lithuania biba w vilnie, zajebista ekipa, breakcore hardcore, shranz, wszystko i pikne panny - Articles related to Russia's great gas game

  • Again, I'll never be a professional. paul haha don't worry about it ... breakcore is woefully underpopulated by women

    WFMU's recent playlists

  • Israel's hiphop-centred vocals, sludgey opener 'Blinded' could almost pass for a Godflesh outtake, with Broaderick's signature brutal guitar churn getting taken out into a chatteringly chaotic breakcore outro section that represents perhaps the one moment where Submerged really gets to flex some overt rhythmic muscle on this album.

    Cyclic Defrost


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