from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A weighted sled used in rope-walks to maintain the tension of the yarns while being twisted into a strand.
  • n. plural In mining, retaining-boards in the face of a heading in running ground.


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  • After their ears and noses had been cut off, they were promenaded from town to town in a cart, finally entering Nagasaki on horseback, each bearing the sentence of death on a breast-board.

    The Philippine Islands

  • He had a notion that a flute would keep its health better if you took it apart when it was not standing a watch; and so, when it was not on duty it took its rest, disjointed, on the compass-shelf under the breast-board.

    Is Shakespeare Dead?

  • Thence he glanced down over the breast-board, over the forward eaves of the texas, down to the skylight roof and upon several persons.

    Gideon's Band A Tale of the Mississippi

  • She tilted her chin, stepped to Watson's side, and called down over the breast-board to the Gilmores, who had finished with their two pupils for

    Gideon's Band A Tale of the Mississippi

  • At one end of the breast-board the two ladies, at the other the actor and the Californian, looked out and down.

    Gideon's Band A Tale of the Mississippi

  • Both pilots were in the lofty pilot-house, down from the breast-board of which a light line ran forward to the bell's tongue, but neither pilot touched the line or the helm.

    Gideon's Band A Tale of the Mississippi

  • Then he went out over the breast-board with his clothing in flames, and was the last person to get ashore.

    Life on the Mississippi

  • Every detail of the pilot-house was familiar to me, with one exception, -- a large-mouthed tube under the breast-board.

    Life on the Mississippi


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