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  • n. Plural form of breastwork.


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  • But if you know the trail through the paddies, you can walk among the weeds, cross the shallow dip which was a moat, pass by lumps of rain-pressed earth once called breastworks and stand on a flat place so hard packed the grass does not grow.

    The Village

  • In front of the breastworks was another chain -- a wider and thicker one.

    The Bishop of Cottontown A Story of the Southern Cotton Mills

  • It was absolutely necessary to get time in which to throw up some kind of breastworks or defenses for the city, and he at once resolved on a night attack against the British.

    Hero Tales from American History

  • Stockard and Bill attacked the few standing pines with their axes, felling them into convenient breastworks.


  • The Indians improvised breastworks on nearby hillsides and fought back but could only watch helplessly as soldiers burned tepees, blankets, and sacred objects, destroyed tons of dried buffalo meat, and seized 750 ponies and a thousand buffalo robes.

    Between War and Peace

  • The few warriors in the camp used their horses for breastworks, standing behind them when they were on their feet, and lying down behind them after they were shot down.11 In the midst of the struggle, the white soldiers found themselves under attack from fifteen or so dogs from the Indian camp, who tried valiantly to defend their Indian masters.


  • Officer takes him off scene—Bill remains at trench, seats himself on breastworks.

    Empire of Dreams

  • Seven of the natives are killed including Neegah and the whites entrench behind breastworks and beat off the attacks by the villagers.

    “And must I. . .who am weary, travel always your trail until I die?”

  • The Gatling gun was hurried into position and under command of Captain Wilkinson did good work in driving the Indian sharpshooters from their different breastworks on the mountains opposite.

    The Gun

  • All along the precipitous bluff which overhangs Tumbling Run on the south side, a heavy line of earthworks had been constructed when Early retreated to this point in August, and these were now being strengthened so as to make them almost impregnable; in fact, so secure did Early consider himself that, for convenience, his ammunition chests were taken from the caissons and placed behind the breastworks.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories


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