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  • n. Plural form of breechcloth.


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  • The men were dressed in breechcloths, some with light capes over their shoulders; bark rain hats dangled down their backs.

    Fire The Sky

  • Their breechcloths were spun from gold and fitted tightly around their upper thighs.

    Their Dogs Came With Them

  • The pyramid was only half as high, its leveled summit crowded with hundreds of dark men in breechcloths hoisting blocks with a primitive scaffolding.


  • Bits of colored shells and sea urchin spines dangled from their ears and necks and at the belts of their ghomaskin breechcloths.

    Song of Time

  • Sometimes in the middle of a battle the Chihenne would taunt the scouts, inviting them mockingly to come to dinner or waving their breechcloths in insult.

    Once They Moved Like the Wind

  • Without the breechcloths, or with one of plainer stuff, one of these warriors would blend into the landscape so well that he could creep right up to the boundary of the camp without being seen.

    If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

  • This time the Pacha wore red and yellow breechcloths, their ponies sported red and yellow blankets, and the painted markings were crude bear-tracks, parallel lines, and a glyph that looked like a child's depiction of a flying bird.

    If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

  • Their riders were naked to the waist, wearing only the simplest of breechcloths of red and blue cloth, their bodies and faces painted with the same symbols as their horses.

    If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

  • Clad only in leather breechcloths, the adolescents stood at the doors of the torture chambers, leafed through old greasy manuals, and occasionally walked over to a big wooden tub to drink water from a tin cup that was fastened by a chain to the wall above.

    Hard to be a god

  • They wore little breechcloths from respect for Persian modesty, no more.

    The Persian Boy


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