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  • n. Plural form of breeder.


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  • The Chief Justices and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Presidents pro tem. of the Senate, and the Speakers of the House of Representatives, have, in a large majority of instances, been slave-breeders from the Southern side of the Potomac.

    The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It

  • Because mothers are "breeders"-- like dogs and horses.

    Extremist Pro-Aborts

  • What I wanted you to know, regardless, is that the back-lash against so-called breeders inspires in me such feelings of impotent rage.

    Who's The Dummy, Mummy?

  • To prevent that possibility, France is now doing the R&D on a new generation of advanced nuclear reactors, called breeders, that can produce new fuel for itself or other reactors.

    The Nuclear Option

  • Most people that aren't homophobic likely understand this, so the political damage caused by calling the breeders out is minimal. note that I'm straight: I'm not, however, a breeder, inasmuch as I don't think the entire point of marriage and/or life is to make babies or to 'have a quiver full of children,' in the uniquely creepy lexicon of breeders

    "I mean no disrespect."

  • And the phrase "calling breeders out" is annoying, especially because--ONCE AGAIN--it's so broad brush and it's specifically meant to be dismissive and insulting, as mostly used.

    "I mean no disrespect."

  • In the meantime, I want you to get on the phone and start calling breeders around the country and sell those two studs.

    Calder Born, Calder Bred

  • [Footnote 6: The first bloom of seedling tulips is usually without stripes or markings, and it is often years before they break into stripes; till then they are called breeders, and are not named.]

    Mary's Meadow And Other Tales of Fields and Flowers

  • Maybe if gays hadn't spent all those decades hating on "breeders," telling wives to leave their husbands, dissing marriage, and basically being pains in the asses to the institution, more people would take you seriously in the post-AIDS years?

    If you were getting married, would you want a wedding?

  • Mothers are not "the ultimate worker," being a mother will never bring a woman power in this current world, and as such--in uncritical spaces, mothers will always be cast aside as unimportant 'breeders' that are actually a *problem* to be ignored or ridiculed rather than a reality to be negotiated.

    Archive 2009-03-01


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