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  • adj. Without a breeze.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Motionless; destitute of breezes.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

breeze +‎ -less


  • That's the kind of breezeless heat that just sits on you like a sheet of lead.

    Camp counselor who once lacked a role model has become one

  • He walked past the set of swings next to the jungle gym, where the flat wooden planks hung still in the breezeless late afternoon.

    The Son of Estelle Ivy

  • And the quiet allows her to feel what she calls “the evidence of things unseen,” the way her front-porch swing moves rhythmically on breezeless days, the scent of cooking when there are no pots on the stove, the whispers that seem to hum just beneath the cicadas at night.

    One Big Table

  • While it was a good place to work and people were generally respectful, there was an eerie stillness and a certain kind of silence to the set that felt like a breezeless summer day, and while there were no insects, there were no birds chirping either.

    Unbearable Lightness

  • Momentum lost, the ball lay static in the breezeless night.

    ALONE • by Mark Dalligan

  • Several tires have caught fire; they send up sooty corkscrews of stink into the bright, breezeless glare.


  • During Shiloh they were either in butternut there dying in the orchard, dying without water or thin-lipped still in Purdy, where cannon boom and rifle shot came clear even on a breezeless day, sliding through the clapboard walls, clotting milk and setting loose that first wall-eyed notion of leaving the South behind.

    HAROLD DERWIN BARNETT, 22 May 1925 - 16 October 2006

  • One test was being conducted on a hot, humid, breezeless morning in Hawaii, on a cinder running track.

    Running from the proof: correlation does not mean causation | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • M and I were worship assistants at church this morning, sitting in robes on the hot, breezeless stage.

    misspinkkate Diary Entry

  • Banghurst had considered essential, black and limp in the breezeless dawn, and amidst all these things a great shape covered with tarpauling.

    Twelve Stories and a Dream, by H. G. Wells


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