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  • n. Any of several lactone antibiotics produced by fungi


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  • Three unrelated pharmacological agents (tunicamycin, thapsigargin and brefeldin A) all repressed APP proteolysis in parallel with activation of unfolded protein response (UPR) signaling-a biochemical marker of ER stress.

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  • Furthermore, brefeldin A (BFA), an intracellular trafficking inhibitor, reduces basal cholesterol and apoE secretion, but does not modify induction by apoA-I.

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  • Recycling to the membrane requires the function of the brefeldin A

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  • Lippincott-Schwartz J, Donaldson JG, Schweizer A, Berger EG, Hauri HP, et al. (1990) Microtubule-dependent retrograde transport of proteins into the ER in the presence of brefeldin A suggests an ER recycling pathway.

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  • + T cell response, we immunized mice with 1 × 107 γ-irradiated (1,500 rad) act-mOVA splenocytes. 7 d later, 5 × 10 6 splenocytes were isolated and cultured with 10 nM SIINFEKL peptide in IMDM media supplemented with 10\% FCS (Atlanta Bio). 5 d later, cells were restimulated with 100 nM SIINFEKL peptide in the presence of brefeldin A. Production of IFN-γ was assessed by intracellular cytokine staining.

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  • To discriminate between the intracellular and secreted form of reelin, protein secretion was blocked with brefeldin A (BFA), an inhibitor of protein translocation from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus

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  • Banker G (1997) Inhibition of axonal growth by brefeldin A in hippocampal neurons in culture.

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  • H digestion, brefeldin A treatment, and analytic centrifugation, we identified a highly conserved aspartate residue at the boundary of the M3-M4 loop and the M4 domain that was required for binary

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  • USA) and 1 µg/ml ionomycin (Sigma) for 6 hours. 20 µg/ml brefeldin A

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  • IU / mL) and streptomycin (10 mg / mL), 10\% heat-inactivated FBS (Gibco, Invitrogen), in the presence of BFA (brefeldin A) (at 10 µg / mL, Sigma-Aldrich).

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