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  • n. A railroad-rail having an arched tread and lateral foot-flanges.


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  • He turned the horse towards the bridge-rail and craned his neck over the water; indeed, his slim figure and peaked jockey cap made him look uncommonly like a crane.

    Selected Polish Tales

  • Although his lofty post was constantly deluged by clouds of icy spray, and the weather side of the bridge-rail canvas was inches deep in sleet, he braved the elements through watch and watch, snatching a hasty meal of cocoa (which was cold by the time it reached him) and biscuits under the lee of the chart-house.

    The Submarine Hunters A Story of the Naval Patrol Work in the Great War

  • He leaned his arms on the bridge-rail, rested his head on his arms for a full minute, then groaned:

    Chapter 32

  • He went over the bridge-rail side-wise, caught the running gear up-and-down the mizzen-mast, and landed lightly on his feet on top of Number Three hatch.

    Chapter 42

  • One was to leap over the bridge-rail and down at the man who shot at him; the other was to retreat.

    Chapter 42

  • In fact, even now one of the brutes was leaping to seize the bridge-rail and draw himself up to the Russian's side.

    The Beasts of Tarzan

  • The trusty quartermaster from the 352 was getting a wink under the bridge-rail.

    The U-boat hunters

  • He perceived dimly the squat shape of his captain holding on to a twisted bridge-rail, motionless and swaying as if rooted to the planks.

    Typhoon, and other stories

  • He caught hold of the bridge-rail and stared ahead.

    Typhoon, and other stories

  • Jukes flung the new lead-line over on the fore-deck with a loud "Here you are, bo'ss'en -- don't forget to wet it thoroughly," and turned with immense resolution towards his commander; but Captain MacWhirr spread his elbows on the bridge-rail comfortably.

    Typhoon, and other stories


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