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  • n. Plural form of bridgehead.


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  • Instead, with the greater mobility and striking power now available to him, he proposed to contain German bridgeheads with local mobile forces; then smash the invaders in major counter-strokes by groups of armoured and infantry divisions held in reserve to the north, west and south of London.

    Operation Sea Lion

  • The selection of the Tussum and Serapeum section as the principal objective was dictated both by the consideration that success here would bring the Turks a few miles from Ismailia, and by the information received from patrols that the west bank of the canal between the posts, both of which may be described as bridgeheads, were unoccupied by our troops.

    New York Times Current History: The European War, Vol 2, No. 1, April, 1915 April-September, 1915

  • The civil war has been largely deadlocked, with the rebels controlling the east and Gadhafi clinging to large parts of western Libya, but unable to retake rebel bridgeheads there.

    Libya: NATO intensifying bombing to aid rebel push

  • The rebels have been trying to break out of those bridgeheads.

    Senate postpones Libya vote amid budget dispute

  • With multiple Allied bridgeheads across the Rhine, Germany had no natural barriers and only outnumbered and demoralized forces to defend the homeland.

    Between War and Peace

  • Although the Allies had achieved “many fine tactical victories” on the Western Front and although he agreed that Metz and Strasbourg were “trophies,” he pointed out that the strategic objective of crossing the Rhine in strength had not been achieved: “We shall have to continue the great battle for many weeks before we can hope to reach the Rhine and establish our bridgeheads.”

    Between War and Peace

  • If the Germans and their allies crossed the river above and below the city, enveloping it from three sides, their bridgeheads across the river would not only be vulnerable to flank attacks, but the city itself would become a staging area for attacks, what a German general in a previous war had called a postern gate, an opening in a fortification that enabled the defenders to sally forth and surprise the besiegers.


  • The other tactic was to move so quickly that by the time the enemy had organized his attack, your bridgeheads had been expanded so dramatically that you had the room to maneuver and parry his blows.


  • Archduke Eugene, held the strategic bridgeheads of Gorizia and Tolmino, and never allowed the Italians to advance more than a few miles. 21

    Pursuit of an 'Unparalleled Opportunity': The American YMCA and Prisoner of War Diplomacy among the Central Power Nations during World War I

  • Troops would be convoyed across the Gulf of Siam, and bridgeheads would be secured in southern Thailand and probably northern Malaya, all under the protection of Japanese planes based in Indo-China.

    Sealing Their Fate


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