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  • n. One who bridges, or connects two previously separate things.


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bridge +‎ -er


  • But even if the meeting fails, Obama may be able to portray himself as the kind of bridger of political divides that voters tell pollsters they want.

    Raw Story

  • Russell Braun was a too-reserved Chou En-lai or, more commonly, Zhou Enlai in Pinyin, singing his lyrical music elegantly but playing the premier as an enigmatic figure rather than a more assertive bridger of cultures.

    Titans Shaking Hands, But Still Worlds Apart

  • Just imagine - we're going to be running out of ballots this November and SCOTUS is going to give us President Gingrich, all because these naive Obambi's had to have their cuddly divide bridger.

    New Hampshire Towns Running Out Of Ballots, Especially For The Dems

  • Beautiful, delightful, classy, triumphant over adversity and scoundrels, responsive to delight and wit, bridger of centuries, a breath of fresh air who knew what to do with money and life.

    One Happy Family

  • That McCully does not see Krauss as a fellow gap-bridger may be because the continuity Krauss proposes is not a formal or stylistic one, not a matter of such things as "scale and spatial considerations."

    'The Picasso Papers': An Exchange

  • Jon Brock went on to get a master's of public administration, and today he works as a peer bridger, someone who helps current and former mental health patients with their recovery.

    NPR Topics: News

  • How not to start an European Championship | PBO vs Black Ops full 3 rounds | FULL HD Scrim Vs lWSl BIG PUN (host bridger) on Blood Drive part 2. wmv Scrim Vs lWSl BIG PUN (host bridger) on Blood Drive part 1. wmv - Articles related to World Cup 2010: Hollywood Actress Jessica Alba Visits Soccer City In South Africa

  • "Some groups in society strive to be self sufficient and they will vote for a party that helps them fulfil that desire; David Cameron comes across as approachable and a good bridger between different class groups who share that ethos, but none of his colleagues do." news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • The new element, these bouncing Tiggers who boing-boing their way back to their feet, adopt the stooped posture of the bridger, the jackler.

    Blogposts |

  • Say what you will about John McCain, but he has been the foremost bipartisan bridger of compromises over the last decade.



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