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  • In mining, short chains by which the cage is attached to the hoisting-rope.


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  • And as I waited I heard the thud, thud, thud of horses galloping, and then the jangle of bridle-chains, and I lay down in the heather.

    The McBrides A Romance of Arran

  • A jangle of bridle-chains, a sound of voices loud and rough, and a tread of heavy feet that, breaking rudely upon the gentle-brooding night, drove the colour from Yolande's soft cheek and hushed her voice to broken whisper:

    The Geste of Duke Jocelyn

  • A group of dust-covered cow-boys, coming into town for an evening's pleasure, jogged past with loud laughter and soft-clinking spurs and bridle-chains.

    The Winning of Barbara Worth

  • You know what that old road looks like in the moonlight, all deep black in the gorges, and white on the cliffs, and not a dog-gone sound but the hoof-beats of your horse and the clank of the bridle-chains.

    The Honorable Percival

  • And we both stood still; for it seemed an army, with swords wranglin 'and bridle-chains rattlin', was marchin 'down on us.

    Pierre and His People, [Tales of the Far North], Volume 4.

  • The grotesque, fantastic outlines of the higher cliffs stand out with startling clearness, while the lower buttes have become formless, misshapen masses, and the deep gorges are in black shadow; in the darkness there will be no sound but the rhythmic echo of the hoof-beats of the horses, and the steady, metallic clank of the steel bridle-chains.

    The Home Range

  • Meanwhile, Manitou, who is not an emotional horse, and is moreover blessed with a large appetite, was feeding greedily, rattling his bridle-chains at every mouthful; and I thought that he would act as a guard to keep the elk where they were until I shifted my position.


  • These were open, and as the stamping of hoofs and jingling of bridle-chains came through them Commines bade La Mothe see who were without.

    The Justice of the King

  • Outside they could hear the jingle of bridle-chains; and then a voice begin; but they could not distinguish the words.

    The King's Achievement

  • ” Whether in the bright moonlight that “turns the gray buttes into glimmering silver, the higher cliffs standing out in weird grotesqueness while the deep gorges slumber in the black shadows, the echoing hoof-beats of the horses and the steady metallic clank of the steel bridle-chains the only sounds”; or when the gales that blow out of the north have wrapped the earth in a mantle of death; when “in the still, merciless, terrible cold … all the land is like granite; the great rivers stand in their beds as if turned to frosted steel.

    IV. The Horse and the Gun Have Their Day


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