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  • A vee of smaller bright-winged forces also shot through the blue-black darkness.

    Silver Zombie

  • If smoking truly predisposed subjects to lung cancer much like bright-winged moths might be predisposed to being hunted by predators, then the smokers would begin to succumb to cancer at an increased rate.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • His acquisition of the real Goya rather beautifully illustrated the cobweb of vested interests and passions, which mesh the bright-winged fly of human life.

    To Let

  • Vegetation rich, profuse, endless, rapid, smothering, in all shades of vivid green, from the pea-green of spring and the dark velvety green of endless summer to the yellow-green of the plumage of the palm, riots in a heavy shower every night and the heat of a perennial sun-blaze every day, while monkeys of various kinds and bright-winged birds skip and flit through the jungle shades.

    The Golden Chersonese and the way thither

  • Probably it was like a chrysalis, dormant, independent of sustenance; the bright-winged image to be called at some future time to life by a great shouting of angelic hosts and noises of musical instruments slept secure, coffined in that dull, gross nature.

    Green Mansions

  • From the thinner thorns the bell-shaped nests of the Loxia depend, waving in the breeze, and the wood resounds with the cries of bright-winged choristers.

    First footsteps in East Africa

  • Tall feather-leaved trees, full of rich fragrance, bright-winged insects and caroling birds, confronted a grassy slope which led down to sparkling sea waters.

    Hokas Pokas

  • I was too precious, too delicate and bright-winged now, too much sweetness in me, like a wedding dress on a laundry line, that moth landing in a swaying ocean of lace -- or a clear plastic bag of sleep, opened, sparkling in the breeze.

    De Sade's Daughters

  • What bright-winged thought of yours sent him so straight to me, across that wide space of sea and land?

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 32, June, 1860

  • Beautiful, bright-winged angels, with faces shining like the sun, were going up and coming down it.

    Little Folks (November 1884) A Magazine for the Young


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