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  • n. Plural form of briquette.


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  • Such fuels, known as briquettes, are extensively used in foreign countries and consist of carbon or soft coal, too small to be burned in the ordinary way, mixed usually with pitch or coal tar.

    Steam, Its Generation and Use

  • Obama could poop solid gold briquettes and these GOP idiots would claim they find fault with it.

    Potential 2012 candidates knock Obama on missile defense

  • The company's board had approved plans to build a plant and facilities near Port Hedland in Western Australia state to manufacture iron briquettes, partly funded by a loan provided by BHP Billiton's finance unit, but the project was canceled in May 2005.

    Court Rules in Favor of BHP in Tax Dispute

  • Thus, the development and use of alternative fuels -- such as mesquite briquettes, biogas, ethanol, solar energy and even propane-is urgently needed to prevent an even more severe human and environmental catastrophe.

    Erin Patrick: When Food Is Not Enough to Stop Famine

  • Although former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced he is running for President, his comment that "It could have gone the other way," suggests he may have recently-ignited charcoal briquettes rather than fire in his belly.

    Mark Steinberg: Obama Reconsidering Second Run

  • Wonderful, when they can't pay we'll be left with, well, bits of paper - perhaps we can compress them into briquettes to burn on the fire as fuel will be out of the question if it keeps getting more and more expensive.

    Gold demand hit 10-year high last year

  • We are working to ensure women can safely cook, and don't put themselves in harm's way gathering firewood by providing safe, efficient stoves and teaching women to create fuel briquettes made out of organic waste.

    Josette Sheeran: We Can End Hunger: 10 Ways to Feed the World

  • In the longer term, the environmental field should play a lead role in developing and promoting both fuel-saving devices, such as cookstoves, and alternatives to firewood, such as briquettes or gas-based fuels.

    Erin Patrick: When War Stops, the Impact on the Environment Lives On

  • Turned into charcoal from hard wood, lump charcoal burns faster, hotter, and cleaner than conventional briquettes.

    Smoke Signals: A wood primer

  • My '06 at clay pigeons or charcoal briquettes at 200 yds.

    what is your favorite gun to shoot?


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