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  • The Kafirs attack it in bodies armed with sharp and broad-head “Omkondo” or assegais: at last, one finds the opportunity of cutting deep into the hind back sinew, and so disables the animal.

    First footsteps in East Africa

  • There had been an incident fairly early in their marriage where she had stabbed him in the arm with a broad-head arrow, and what we all wondered, after that incident in '86, after that hospitalization, was whether she had hit him on the head with something, either with a blunt instrument or slugged him or something like that.

    Summer of Deliverance: A Memoir of Father and Son

  • The farmer had carried a bow with a broad-head arrow nocked.

    The Eye of the World

  • The broad-head hunting-point (Fig. N.) is put on by slitting the arrow and inserting the flat handle of the arrow point, and wrapping it with silk, sinews, or copper wire.

    Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls

  • I used to make six different kinds; a simple copper-wrap, a blunt leaden head, a sharp leaden head like a minie bullet, an awl-point wrapped with copper wire and soldered, and a broad-head hunting-arrow.

    Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls

  • The whole process of making a steel broad-head requires about twenty minutes.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow

  • But the point that we prefer to shoot is the old English broad-head.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow

  • Nothing was the worse for that adventure except the broad-head, which was gladly offered to the kindly gods who had so gratifyingly watched for me its straight true flight.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow

  • Since he did not come out after due waiting, Compton cautiously invaded the wooded area, saw the wounded deer deep in thought; he finished him with a broad-head through the neck.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow

  • This gave Ferguson a moment to nock a second shaft, a broad-head, and with that accuracy known to come in excitement, he drove it completely through the animal's body, killing it instantly.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow


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