from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • transitive v. to collide with the broad side of.


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  • When I'd finally put them in a broad-side position, he'd let fly with the Nerf pump gun.

    A question of questions.

  • And then there will be the insane broad-side from talk radio and irresponsible surrogates making appeals to racism and cultural fear, as well as spreading the “Obama attended a Madrassa” lie.

    Obama and Edwards sittin' in a tree...

  • Robbery, fire, murder, and the ruin of the United Kingdom — each discharged in a line by itself, like a separate broad-side of red-hot shot — were among the least of the warnings addressed to an unthinking people.

    Reprinted Pieces

  • A pedlar brought to Longtown that evening, amongst other wares, a large broad-side sheet, giving an account of the

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian

  • He's attacked me and yesterday or Friday I guess it was, he launched then just a broad-side attack against Senator McCain.

    CNN Transcript Dec 31, 2007

  • When the first snout hit them broad-side, Roy was surprised but not overly concerned.

    Roy Sheider's Wacky Course Corrections

  • Stewart and I are pumping eight to the bar like a churning turbine in an engine room, while Andy releases broad-side after broadside of shimmering guitar riffs.

    Broken Music, A Memoir

  • Other forms in which women engaged, such as the periodical, the broad-side ballad or the prophecy, were often written in 'gender neutral' tones, whereas the scandal fiction was specifically associated with feminine forms of expression and consumption: romance narrative, stories of love and intrigue, the voice of the gossip.

    Delarivier Manley (c. 1663-1724)

  • THE PRESIDENT: No, but I think -- what we do often is I give the answer I'd like to give and then I go back and give the answer I should give if somebody takes a real broad-side at me.

    President Remarks To Press Pool At Chautauqua Ny

  • He, more stupid or more unlucky than the rest, struck us a full broad-side as he went by jolting us hard against the hill, and well-nigh jolting himself down the craggy descent into the abyss below.

    The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus


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