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  • noun Plural form of broadcaster.


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  • Northern Ireland had also suffered from a scaling back of television current affairs by the main broadcasters, he added.

    The Detail to provide local news boost for Northern Ireland

  • For decades, the Washington sun has been rising in the east - Washington has been looking to the eastern elites, to the editorial pages of the Times and the Post, and to the broadcasters from the coast.

    RNC Crowd Coming to Life - Swampland -

  • A measure to increase obscenity fines for broadcasters is opposed by media industry trade groups, pitting Christian conservatives against the business wing of the party, and Congressional leaders have not committed to bring it to a vote.

    May 2006

  • The fear among Christian broadcasters is that a proposal to allow consumers to reject MTV or Comedy Central would also allow them to drop the Trinity Broadcasting Network or Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network.

    June 2006

  • You can also tell the connection that certain broadcasters have with their team's fans by the number of commercials on which they appear during the broadcast. - Broadcasters ratings sure to stir up passion, debate

  • One of the great things about sampling different broadcasters is discovering a new voice that quickly becomes one of your favorites. - Rooney, Farmer give White Sox AL's top radio team

  • In nations that allocate spectrum rights by auction, for instance, the electromagnetic spectrum used by analogue broadcasters is viewed as a potential source of billions for national treasuries, once it has been freed up from analogue TV transmissions and sold on for use by mobile telephony and wireless data applications.

    New Digital Restriction regime

  • Voting Voting for the 2003-2004 NBA Coach of the Year as selected by a panel of 122 sports writers and broadcasters from the United States and Canada. - Grizzlies' Brown wins NBA coach of the year award

  • The usual way to lean on broadcasters is to arrange boycotts of them or pressure their advertisers, as Chris [Bowers] indicated in his piece on MyDD, and this is already being worked on.

    October 2004

  • Another option -- obviously heretical -- would be to free the private broadcasters from the restrictive, and in my view, unproductive regulations.

    The Challenge of Change


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