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  • adj. comparative form of broad: more broad


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  • I think most game developers really mean bigger when they use the term broader as that is by far the easiest and safest for them to attempt.

    Which Broader Market?

  • The two sides didn't disclose an estimate of the financial value of their arrangement, which they described as broader in scope than past efforts.

    Wal-Mart Fires Up Marketing for 'Dragon'

  • MULLEN: Clearly, execution of the president's strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, focused on what I call the broader Middle East, to include South Asia.

    CNN Transcript Jan 10, 2010

  • Bush administration officials are trying to downplay the obviously rising tensions between China and the United States, saying that the United States wants to put those issues in the past, as they put it, and to move on to what they call broader issues, whatever that means.

    CNN Transcript Nov 30, 2007

  • Because, it seems to me, there is what I call a broader objective behind the administration's stand today.

    CNN Transcript Apr 16, 2003

  • There have been various studies that show that doctors prescribe Cipro, which is one of the newer, better of what they call a broader antibiotic, even when they could prescribe an older one.

    CNN Transcript Feb 19, 2003

  • Commenting on the blockade, the SA Chamber of Business in a statement expressed its "grave concern" at what it called the broader economic and business consequences of the action.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • When we began to ask the "questions of life," which all intelligent young people ask sooner or later, we found ourselves in a village of three institutions and their dependencies committed to the pursuit of an ideal of education for which no amount of later, or what we call broader, training ever gives us any better word than

    McClure's Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 2, January, 1896

  • I guess they're nice girls all right; but they've got what you call a broader way of looking at things than I have.

    Buttered Side Down

  • Richard John Neuhaus, writing at the First Things blog, treats the story from a framework of what he identifies as a broader pattern of stories - apparently timed to the church year - that seek to debunk traditional Christianity.



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