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  • n. Either of two edible plants of the species Brassica oleracea with light green heads


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of broccoli and cauliflower


  • A recent innovation has been broccoflower, which is green and is shaped like a cauliflower, but tastes similar to broccoli.

    News for Charlottesville Daily Progress

  • Indeed it was, although the shop is confusing calling it a "broccoflower" which up to now was the name given to the green cauliflower.

    Romanesco Redux

  • The mule is a genetic experiment that actually worked out to some good, unlike certain other ill-conceived hybrids like broccoflower, crystal clear Pepsi, and Christian Rock.

    Mules | Manolith

  • I think an old piece of broccoflower will trigger the apocalypse.

    Ann Aguirre » Blog Archive » Summer Heat giveaway

  • Maybe not even real icing broccoli, but broccoflower cauliflower, broccoli cross made of icing.

    Rockin' Shams

  • I yelled loudly for Mom, who was downstairs in the kitchen, microwaving broccoflower and listening to Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson sing To All the Girls Ive Loved Before on her boom box.

    I'm Perfect, You're Doomed

  • My father stopped spreading margarine on his microwaved broccoflower and turned a concerned eye toward his son.

    I'm Perfect, You're Doomed

  • It's a broccoflower and I was told that it tasted a bit more like broccoli than cauliflower and also has a very short season.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • It should really be St Patty day for this broccoflower and your leprechaun!

    At My Table

  • Cooking Within My Grasp in New Jersey shares what she cooks up with broccoflower:

    Sweetnicks- Food & Life - It's All at Sweetnicks


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