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  • n. The brominated derivative of benzene C6H5Br that is used as a solvent and, via Grignard reagents, to manufacture pharmaceuticals etc.


bromo- +‎ benzene (Wiktionary)


  • Which solvent would be best solvent (methylene chloride, acetone, or hexane) for bromobenzene and p-xylene?

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  • Explain. nitration of bromobenzene is much faster than bromination of nitrobenzene.?

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  • But in this case the bromobenzene is less dense than the solid bead.

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  • The team achieved this by adding a fluid, bromobenzene, to the setup. News Feed

  • But, in this case, the bromobenzene is less dense than the solid bead. News Feed

  • In their study, the researchers brought a tiny gold-plated sphere in contact with a flat glass surface, separating them with a liquid known as bromobenzene.

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  • At close distances, the molecular forces of the two surfaces, when in the presence of bromobenzene, repelled each other, so that the molecules of gold and glass never came in direct contact with each other and were separated by a few nanometers. infoZine ® is generously hosted with web services provided by

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  • [18] S bromobenzene + NAD (P) H + O2 (sMMO [28]) (Reversibility:

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