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  • n. A technique for viewing the bronchi using a flexible instrument called a bronchoscope

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  • n. Inspection of the larger bronchial tubes by means of reflected light, usually through an opening into the trachea.


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broncho- + -scopy


  • He said that the bronchoscopy is the more reliable one, because you're actually grabbing a chunk of the infected tissue.

    CNN Transcript Jul 3, 2007

  • Sometimes the symptoms of lung cancer can be detected with a simple X-ray of the chest, but sometimes the symptoms of lung cancer need a test called bronchoscopy, this test as a thin, flexible tube is inserted down the inflammation of the throat and allow the doctors to see into the lungs Sometimes they have a biopsy to determine whether to include lung cancer, must take into account other tests, depending on the type of lung cancer, such as CT-scan, liver ultrasound or bone scan that can determine whether lung cancer has spread to other areas.

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  • The brand new GI-BRONCH Mentor combines a practical with a physical to create a idealisation precision solution for flexible bronchoscopy.

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  • Diagnostic evaluation of inpatients and outpatients is supported by a well-equipped flexible bronchoscopy facility, as well as state-of-the-art pulmonary function testing and sleep disorders laboratories which comprehensively serve to assess lung function and respiratory nocturnal disorders in infants and older children.

    Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine

  • Fellows are taught the indications for and techniques to perform flexible bronchoscopy and learn how to administer and interpret standard and infant pulmonary function tests, bronchial challenges and sleep studies.

    Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine

  • This allows time to perform procedures such as direct laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, tracheostomy, surfactant administration, cyst decompression

    Giant Neck Masses (GNM), Cervical Teratoma

  • It is a medication that is given to children with upper airway narrowing like croup, an obstruction that could certainly occur from the irritation of passing a camera down her trachea during the bronchoscopy from which she has just recovered.

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  • Since the night I transferred him, he has had the bronchoscopy to diagnose his PCP and is receiving steroids and Bactrim to treat the infection.

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  • While Briony stays in the hospital so that we can feed her, can increase the caloric density of her formula and watch to make sure that she is able to gain weight, she is transferred briefly to the ICU for monitoring following a routine and previously scheduled bronchoscopy, a procedure to look at the site of her trachea repair.

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  • Microlaryngoscopy (my crow lar ring os co pee) and bronchoscopy (brawn cos co pee), also known as MLB



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