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  • n. Plural form of bronc.


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  • He walked over to the chutes where the broncs were being saddled and loosely testicle-looped -- a loop that would be tightened considerably in the chute.

    The Body Ricardo

  • But he knew he'd have it off in two or three weeks; the broncs and bulls would shake it off him -- that is, if he could convince a traveling rodeo to take him on.

    The Body Ricardo

  • Like the broncs, the bulls were encouraged to be mean: a shank girdle of rough hemp was cinched around the bull's body just in front of its hind legs, pinning its considerable genitals tightly to its belly.

    The Body Ricardo

  • Beyond where the chutes were being erected, a long line of stock trucks and house trailers were parked, and Mex cowboys were herding broncs into one corral, bulls into another.

    The Body Ricardo

  • Has been lurkin, and wheezin. was sick fer a few weeks wif teh bad broncs…breich… icki lunk sick caufin thingies.

    Plz won’t u be - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Jerry rode broncs on the rodeo circuit and married my sister at a courthouse in Kansas.

    The God of Animals

  • My father said that Jerry would break his spine riding broncs, and Nona would spend the rest of her life pushing him around in a wheelchair and holding a cup for him to drool into.

    The God of Animals

  • It centers on riding and roping techniques and a lot of rough and tumble business with bulls and broncs -- not exactly lady-like activities.

    My Life As An Escaramuza Mom

  • “Yep, and pay sharpshooters to shoot and acrobats to tumble and trick ropers to twirl big loops and cowboys to ride broncs and all the rest of the folderol that goes with a Wild West pageant,” he elaborated.

    Telegraph Days

  • Well, if you want to learn how to ride saddle broncs, you can get your little butt down here.

    King of the Cowboys


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