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  • adj. made of, or relating to, bronze.


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  • The bronzen buckskin was as gentle as a gelding when he was not near mares.

    Horse Hunting

  • Of a sudden the bronzen tones of a great gong broke from the fortress and echoed down the valley.

    Conan The Invincible

  • Then came another tall form, his blue armor and helmeted head cloaked and hooded in dull-bronzen brocade.

    The Golden Torc

  • Bulging domes and squat guard towers rose above a stuccoed wall, wherein was set a great gate whose polished bronzen hinges redly reflected the sun.

    Conan the Wanderer

  • The ledge led to its great bronzen door, green with age.

    Conan of Cimmeria

  • Sigurd, now covered from neck to crotch by a shirt of bronzen scales sewn to leather, puffed up the ladder to the poop deck.

    Conan Of The Isles

  • _ Steering to Cumae, where the Sibyl dwells, Aeneas seeks her cave, whose entrance is barred by bronzen gates, on which is represented the story of Daedalus, -- the first bird man, -- who, escaping from the Labyrinth at Crete, gratefully laid his wings on this altar.

    The Book of the Epic

  • Here, O idle water-wanderer, let your boat glide with the scarcely moving current, and gaze upon the leafy groves of the sub-aqueous wilderness lit up by the rays of the sun, and watch the fish moving singly or in shoals at various depths -- the bearded barbel, the spotted trout, the shimmering bream, and the bronzen tench.

    Two Summers in Guyenne

  • Be all bronzen these numbers, and martial the measure!


  • There can be few spectacles more repellent than a pair of bronzen-kneed Dutch cyclists in skimpy shorts flopping on the granite paving stones of the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago, congratulating themselves on having pedalled 500 miles from the Pyrenees. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph


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