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  • There is no extant attestation for the third member of Awa's coven, Monique, a female brothel-keeper who wants to be a gunner and gets her chance at the 1522 Battle of La Bicocca, where the Swiss pikemen marched to their first decisive defeat, by powder and shot.

    The Enterprise of Death

  • Pericles is without doubt a very silly play, probably Shakespeare's silliest (and the silly bits are shared evenly between the bits he wrote and the bits by brothel-keeper and part-time playwright George Wilkins).

    Susan Boyle

  • The newlyweds then moved out and became tenants of George Wilkins, a brothel-keeper and occasional playwright, with whom Shakespeare was collaborating on Pericles.

    Supreme Court Meme

  • Kate Peach, alone in the world after her family died in the plague, is trying to earn a living at her craft of glove-making, but her survival in Southwark depends on the protection of the villainous Hugh Traylor and the rough friendship of the brothel-keeper Mary Frith based on a real historical figure who was the prototype for Moll Cutpurse.

    The Firemaster’s Mistress, by Christie Dickason. Book review

  • A quick look among my bookshelves at home produced a shortlist of six see post - ranging from a 'wrist-slashing' depression-bringer, to a bisexual detective yarn and the memoirs of an amateur brothel-keeper.

    Girls school fantasy triumph

  • William Donaldson's Both the Ladies and the Gentlemen, 1975, the memoir of an amateur brothel-keeper starring police officers, lawyers and editors alongside Disgusting Deirdre and Carwash Carol: the funniest book I had ever read, or so I thought at the time.


  • I bought The Lodger -- Shakespeare: His Life on Silver Street in paperback, and one chapter in, I am already thrilled to the Gnostic bone to learn that the co-author of Pericles was a brothel-keeper.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • Heloise asserts that this was the opinion of the ancient Greek female philosopher Aspasia, reputedly a brothel-keeper or courtesan and lover of the great Athenian statesman Pericles.

    Archive 2008-04-06

  • Adam Trask's wife, the sadistic, murderous, brothel-keeper Cathy (later Kate), torments him with the story that their twin boys are actually the sons of Adam's brother, Charles.

    The Rescue of John Steinbeck

  • The foundational belief of Islam is that Allah is a brothel-keeper 3 and Mohammed is his ponce, and you get to screw 72 virgins and bugger 24 pretty pre-pubescent boys in Allah's brothel in the sky if you kill enough infidels.

    Islam’s ‘Great British’ infiltration


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