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  • n. Alternative form of brotherred.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of brother.


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From Middle English brotherrede ("brotherhood"). More at brotherred.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From brother (v).


  • I noted that he 'brothered' me, and was angry and put my foot down.

    A Hyperborean Brew

  • For the Boy had Irish blood in his veins; and the initial difficulty over, he found it an unspeakable relief to disburden his soul to the man who had "brothered" him ever since he joined the Force.

    Captain Desmond, V.C.

  • Here the government wants the people to think that what they say or do is being big-brothered.

    Is It Huxley? Orwell? Or Something a Whole Lot Worse?

  • He may not be a great thinker or preach polished sermons; his hands may be rough and his clothes ill-fitting; but if he is a loyal friend and ministers to real spiritual need, he is saint and prophet to those whom he has brothered.

    Society Its Origin and Development

  • But the faith of men that have brothered men By more than easy breath

    Kipling, The Poet of Empire

  • They that 'aven't slept in trenches,' aven't brothered with the worms,

    Over Here

  • Crondall carried you with him; for he dealt with men and things as he had brothered and known them, before ever he let loose, in a fiery peroration, that abstract idea of Empire patriotism which ruled his life.

    The Message

  • She had been mothered and sistered and brothered by these farmer folk with a very prodigality of friendship, and to-day she realized more than ever with positive exultation that she was brawn of their brawn and built of their building.

    Rose of Old Harpeth

  • "No. You can always pick the brothered boys," said Douglas.

    Michael O'Halloran

  • "The Brothers Size" isn't about statistics: it's about the need to belong to something, somewhere, to someone - to brother, and be brothered.

    The Seattle Times


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