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  • Evidence: The Joint Nature Conservation Committee currently lists seven species of bumblebee with "priority" status under the UK's Biodiversity Action Plan: the great yellow bumblebee, brown-banded carder-bee, moss carder bee, red-shanked carder bee, large garden bumblebee, short-haired bumblebee and shrill carder bee.

    Biodiversity 100: actions for Europe

  • At least eleven threatened bird species (IUCN categories VU and above) occur in the ecoregion, and two others may be present, but their distributions are poorly known (brown-banded rail [Lewinia mirificus] and Luzon buttonquail [Turnix worcesteri]).

    Luzon montane rain forests

  • This one, however, was lucky enough to catch a brown-banded bamboo shark, and this photograph shows it in the process of swallowing the thing whole.


  • The site is also home to most of Britain's rarest native bees, including the brown-banded carder bee Bombus sylvarum.

    The Guardian World News

  • Researchers spotted a tasseled wobbegong shark consuming headfirst a somewhat smaller brown-banded bamboo shark on the southern Great Barrier Reef on Aug. 1, 2011. Top headlines

  • The eater in this party was a tasselled wobbegong shark (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon) more than 4 feet long (1.3 meter); the wobbegong's prey was a 3.2-foot-long (1 m) brown-banded bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum). Top headlines

  • At a time of increasing anxiety about bees, it is notable how many buzz around here during the summer months, including some of the rarest native bees, such as the brown-banded carder bee (Bombus humilis) and the shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum). - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Baits impregnated with a commercial preparation of neem-seed extract proved to retard the growth of oriental, brown-banded, and German cockroaches. (

    5 Effects on Insects


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