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  • adj. of grey tinged with brown


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  • The John Deere, on the other hand, imitates trampled turf (in green) or mud (in a brownish-grey).

    Contemporary Rugs HZL

  • Its congener, Spongiforma thailandica, is very different from SpongeBob SquarePants: it ranges in colour from pale brownish-grey to reddish-brown and smells strongly of coal-tar.

    The new fungus from Bikini Bottom

  • The levels in Gears of War feel like dead environments meant to convey destruction, but ultimately feeling like shiny brownish-grey movie sets that the game was reenacted on.! » FlixnJoystix Presents: Metaldy’s Meanderings! A Few Reasons Why…Videogame Graphics Are Overrated!

  • When the protein is isolate from the starches of the flour, it is brownish-grey, tough and rubbery.

    What is gluten? | Baking Bites

  • Kinda brownish-grey carpety looking stuff, just like he described.

    It's America's Birthday!

  • This might actually give more warmth to the paste instead of just throwing it in with the chicken broth, like I did, consequently not making the resulting colour look very appetizing brownish-grey.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • When my sight returned another of those hundred-legged starfish of brownish-grey smoke had materialized.

    Soldiers Live

  • * This small Asian goatlike bovine has slightly backward curving cylindrical horns and a coarse brownish-grey coat.

    Chapter 8

  • Only an occasional chimney-pot, higher than its fellows, made a note of glowing orange where it pierced the slant of the evening sun: To Blanche's left there showed a pale gleam from the Thames between the house-backs of brownish-grey brick; to her right roof-tops and fantastic cowls were patterned in a flat purple tone against the luminous sky.

    Secret Bread

  • The dried leather was brownish-grey in colour, possessed soft and full feel and good tensile strength.

    Synthetic Tannins


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