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  • n. bro; bra; term of address for a man


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  • i love bucky as cap. i hope bru is just getting started with him.

    Are we ready for Steve Rogers to be Reborn? | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

  • Current ranking is automated based on data from Alexa. bcuban: @kevinokeefe are you speaking of newsfeed subscribers or direct subscribers? kevinokeefe: @brucecarton No. of subscribers to any blog via Google Reader can be seen at Google Reader Subscribe area kevinokeefe: @GrantGriffiths Number of RSS subscribers is excellent measure of reach and true interest in niche.

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  • DC readers want to know! wpollak: @brucecarton NLJ's DC coverage added to LT's makes for a terrific package.

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  • Majority of my readers are via RSS. dougcornelius: @brucecarton You have the weirdest subscriber numbers.

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  • That would not play well for my blog as it is not purely legal in nature brucecarton: @kevinokeefe I'm huge RSS fan, just telling you what I see in terms of the numbers at Securities Docket. 700 email subscribers, 90 RSS. bobambrogi: @brucecarton @kevinokeefe I do believe that RSS is a key factor in measuring blog traffic.

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  • Catania won't schedule hearing on restaurant health inspection letter grades @brucejohnson9, DCist

    DeMorning DeBonis: Jan. 21, 2011

  • Women do not smoke cigars for your pleasure, bru; women smoke cigars because it relaxes them.

    I only grunt at the patriarchy « Digital immigrant

  • And follow the Alliterates @brucecordell @frabjousdave @jamie1km @jrobertking @LesterSmith @monkeyking @mforbeck @MonteJCook @sdsullivan @stannex @TSRThomas

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  • I got an interesting link related to this post from @bruceAfuchs on Twitter: Framing the Research on Future Skills.

    Web Teacher › American Innovation

  • Xeni Jardin: via Bruce "@bruces" Sterling: "Roomba with a Taser opens a can o 'whoop-ass."

    Boing Boing


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