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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a bruise.


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bruise +‎ -like


  • They also had dark shadows under those eyes — purplish, bruiselike shadows.


  • The autopsies refer to a consistent bruiselike wound on each of the bodies, on the left side, between two and six inches beneath the armpit.

    With No One as Witness

  • St James went on to explain how the characteristics of the bruiselike wounds on the bodies compared point by point to the kind of bruise that was the result of being jolted by the 50,000 to

    With No One as Witness

  • He pressed a gloved finger against the bruiselike discoloration.

    Life Support

  • Below the neck, where the belt had imprinted its ligature mark, the skin showed the classic pattern of dependent pooling, a bruiselike discoloration of the lower legs and arms as well as pinpoint hemorrhages, called Tardieu spots, where vessels had ruptured.


  • As a result, the color index she had created to display the wormhole's bursts of high-energy radiation on the main viewscreen kept shifting from an angry bruiselike red-violet to an icy borealis shimmer of translucent blue to a deep electric indigo sparked with hot white highlights.

    Time's Enemy


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