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  • n. an area mostly covered with brush growth


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From brush +‎ land


  • All left as mysteriously as they arrived, wandering harmlessly back into the Laurel Canyon brushland -- even the mountain lion, who slipped away just before the police arrived, and probably armed with more than tranquilizer guns.

    Jonathan Handel: The Laurel Canyon Goats Are Leaving!

  • Kind of like why you can see 800-year-old trees in Oregon, but not in Georgia. 400 years ago Georgia was brushland, and the belief of some (scientists) is that it will cycle back to that instead of a "global" thing.

    Does every cold snap or heavy snow fall disprove global warming?

  • Railroads and irrigation arrived at the turn of the last century, and as Alan Johnson, the chairman of the Texas State Bank in Harlingen, told me, the older people who grew up in the valley “have seen it go from brushland to farmland to subdivisions.”

    Interstate 69

  • My blog, however, was specifically about the chaparral brushland of Southern California, not about pine, fir and cedar forests of the West.

    Chris McGowan: Chaparral & Global Warming Footnotes

  • Areas of black and Wyoming big sagebrush grade upward into mountain big sagebrush and curlleaf mountain-mahogany, which straddles the transition between this mid-elevation brushland and the mountain brush zone of the higher Central Nevada Bald Mountains (13t).

    Ecoregions of Nevada (EPA)

  • The Tamaulipan/Mezquital ecoregion of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico has unique plant and animal communities containing tree and brush covered dunes, wind tidal flats, and dense native brushland.

    Tamaulipan mezquital

  • The Reserve's uplands, sloping gently from sea level, support maritime forest, brushland, and grassland.

    Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, Maine

  • The fire started on Labor Day and has burned about 200 square miles of brushland.

    CNN Transcript Sep 24, 2006

  • Not surprisingly, the bulk of the wreckage lay under the main breakup, from south of Dallas eastward across the rugged, snake-infested brushland of East Texas and into Louisiana; and that is where most of the search took place.

    Columbia's Last Flight

  • Soon after passing over the brushland, Chuck hovered and turned on the searchlight.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact


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