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  • n. Alternative spelling of brute force.


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  • You need to use brute-force speech recognition, which is about 80% accurate.

    When Computers Stare Back

  • So, take a brute-force approach, which is taking a representative of the company, putting them in the store, and walking them through everything.

    What's the Deal?

  • The Volna, that formidable Cold War sword, had proved a less than reliable plowshare, making for a failure that was bitterly beside the point: the chemically propelled brute-force rocket was the trouble, not the beautiful Icarian blades that never got a chance to be tested.

    Across the Universe

  • Inside Ariane felt the world spinning crazily, the ship shuddering with impact after impact as it drove through the swarm by sheer power and centripetal acceleration, a straight-line brute-force approach completely different from – and considerably more dangerous than – Sethrik's ballet of evasion.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • Either hackers will brute-force their way in, by probing the organization and find a vulnerability that allows them to get through the side door.

    'Son of Stuxnet' Virus Targets Specific Organizations, Assets

  • Today, in class, I discussed properties of strong encryption mechanisms and demonstrated how easy it was to crack a password, using simple “brute-force” (i.e., try a bunch of passwords until you find the one that works) methods.

    2010 January « This is what a computer scientist looks like

  • Yet almost no one familiar with the numbers thinks that the planned brute-force cuts in Medicare spending are politically feasible.

    Mediscare: The Surprising Truth

  • Usually it is when leaders doubt truth-force, or fear it, that they resort to brute-force.

    John Philip Newell: 'The Iron Lady' Or 'The Lady'

  • Assuming that an inexpensive computation device can go through a billion different passwords per second (an optimistic guess, but computers progress fast!), it would still take an average of about two weeks to brute-force the password   —   not enough for your top secret correspondence with aliens, but quite okay for a regular password.

    Passwords and Security « Inane Bits

  • Technically that is not “enough”, even if you assume that the encryption/hashing algorithms are secure, but the effort required to brute-force such a password used to be more than anyone would use for such an unimportant person as I am.

    Passwords and Security « Inane Bits


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