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  • v. Present participle of brux.


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  • The muscles on either side of her jaw were nearly the size of walnuts from the bruxing and clenching she did even while awake, and she carried her lower jaw slightly forward, which made the tendons of her neck stand out even more.


  • The reason they are chattering is because they keep bruxing their teeth over polls.

    Poll: Obama's Core Groups Launch Him To Six-Point Lead Over McCain

  • "The only way most people know they are bruxing is because their dentists tell them they are," says Columbia University psychologist and epidemiologist Karen Raphael.

    I Hear America Grinding

  • If you suspect that you're bruxing -- if you wake up with a sore jaw or your partner complains about a grinding noise -- it's a good idea to check with a dentist before it escalates.

    The Daily Grind: When Stress Sets Your Teeth on Edge

  • He notes that people taking antidepressants are also more prone to bruxing, for reasons not well understood.

    The Daily Grind: When Stress Sets Your Teeth on Edge

  • For the past two months, I've been bruxing over "Cornucopia", my first story to make the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine's almost-but-not-quite-yet cut.

    Who says I can't give it away for free?

  • Jan 7 3pm Lump in gums? trying to callous tooth from pushing at night when bruxing.

    Android, age one

  • Deputy Chief Irvin Irving sat at his desk, bruxing his teeth and working the muscles of his jaw into hard rubber balls.

    The Black Echo

  • He also recommends that bruxing patients make behavioral changes that can alleviate their condition, such as relaxing before bed and not consuming alcohol or caffeine before bedtime.

    Front Page - The Washington Times

  • Teeth grinding can lead to serious problems in the long term, he said, but the main problem initially is a muscle discomfort in the jaw, temples and / or neck after a bruxing - another word for teeth grinding - night's sleep.

    Front Page - The Washington Times


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