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  • n. Crying, weeping, action of the verb to bubble.


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  • It was jus 'boilin', bakin ', an' bubblin '-- worse a heap than anythin' we'd had in the islands.

    Humorous Ghost Stories

  • "And up through the ground came a'bubblin' crude...."

    Archive 2003-07-01

  • But I knowed he couldn't do that, becuz I could ketch him by one arm, and hold him off -- me 'n' Benny's practised it in the crick -- and I swum up to him; and he went down ag'in, and when he come up ag'in, his face was all soakin 'wet like he'd been cryin' under the water, and he says, kind o 'bubblin' -- like this, "the boy made the sound.

    The Leatherwood God

  • "I left 'em aswim with _sake_, an 'bubblin' over with polite regrets.

    A Man to His Mate

  • Bernanke is brimmin 'with barrel full of cautious optimism, and we guess it is still better than bubblin' enthusiasm emergin 'from his predecessor.

    Bernanke: Economy better, but ...

  • But it allus come out the nighest side-channel, an 'not bubblin' up an 'up.'

    The Men of Forty Mile

  • An 'have ye niver drifted along, the water clear as glass, whin suddin, belike a cloud over the sun, the mushy-ice comes bubblin' up an 'up till from bank to bank an' bind to bind it's drapin 'the river like a first snowfall?'

    The Men of Forty Mile

  • U gits ur nassy bubblin stuff win Ah gits sum moer noms.

    His family tried to get Jeffrey off the - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Actually, since I'm now going to be engaged in training to defend my home from unlawful demolition, I oughta aim the gun at the ground a la Jed Clampett and see if up pops up a-bubblin 'crude.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Meanwhile, if you want a million dollars, Ben, I suggest you shoot some food, and hope from the ground comes a-bubblin 'crude.

    Tallulah Morehead: Survivor: Samoa: A-Feudin' and A-Fussin'


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