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  • n. Alternative spelling of bucket shop.


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  • 'Do you know what a bucketshop is, Lucy?' asked Dick.

    The Explorer

  • 'Your father and a man called Saunders have been running a bucketshop under the name of Vernon and Lawford.

    The Explorer

  • I should have thought that would have satisfied him, without getting locked up for being connected in a beastly bucketshop swindle. '

    The Explorer

  • He was unpleasantly reminded of making the acquaintance of Mr. Marigold over a bucketshop a few years ago with the result that he had vanished from the eye of his friends for eighteen months.

    Okewood of the Secret Service

  • So I guessed the gent was a bucketshop tout who was tryin 'to interest Piddie in some kind of a deal.


  • Piddle wa'n't goin 'to be any too sociable by dinner time that night,' less'n he'd hit up the bucketshop, which the chances was against.


  • "Now if I could institute a real big affair in the shape of a bucketshop swindle, in which your father and I could play the principal parts and you become merely a subordinate, such as a typist or something -- what about that, eh?"

    An Amiable Charlatan

  • Despite his expert knowledge, however, he was slightly stumped, as the vernacular has it, when Abe Potash produced B. Sheitlis 'stock, for in all his bucketshop and curb experience he had never even heard of the Texas-Nevada Gold and Silver

    Potash & Perlmutter Their Copartnership Ventures and Adventures

  • During the thirty odd years of his life he had been in turn stockboy, clothing salesman, bookmaker's clerk, faro dealer, poolroom cashier and, finally, bucketshop proprietor.

    Potash & Perlmutter Their Copartnership Ventures and Adventures

  • The Texas-Nevada Gold and Silver Mining Corporation was a paper mine that had long since faded from the memory of every bucketshop manager he knew, and its stock was worth absolutely nothing.

    Potash & Perlmutter Their Copartnership Ventures and Adventures


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