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  • More taxes, less rights, no more constitution, no more freedom and now your buddie is going for marshall law.

    Think Progress » Thank You For Being A Friend

  • It will take you a good hour to get through what I have written so far, that is if your 'buddie' is there to read this for you.


  • I can ask around at work on Tuesday as we have some BSAC instructors slumming it at our PADI training centre (and the day I get to tell people we're all just divers and want to get in the water without the interagency willy waving I will be cracking open the Champagne!). scuba_angel, second the comment about us all just being divers, way too much stress placed on PADI v's BSAC skills, I've dived with some top PADI divers and some crap BSAC and visa-versa, only time I've ever had issue's was diving with some Americans off a cruise ship, down right dangerous, one left his "buddie" to go off with his mates, I ended up having to rescue her when she got into problems. oooh scoobs ... can you video the willy waving .... g'wan be a mate

    Army Rumour Service

  • I hate bay always says stuff like "my movie" or "my transformers" That dude really erks me. john it sure is amazing how we all love to hate on bay, it's like a cool fad or something his movies are no dumber than buddie cop movies no crazier than those crank films no more racist than district 9 but we all stand together and call him and his films the worst ever

    Michael Bay Testing 3D for Transformers 3 | /Film

  • Mr. Dodd, along with his buddie Barney Frank, are two of the main causes of this recession.

    Connecticut Dem says time for Dodd to go

  • Yeah, Eugene Debs, drop the hammer on them next time buddie.

    Think Progress » Nashville residents of all faiths pledge support for local Muslims after hate crime vandalism.

  • September 2nd, 2009 3: 54 pm ET if you have mccain on your side you wont win buddie

    Schilling: 'I don't know' about Senate run

  • I was JUST talking about how gay this commercial was with my buddie, who later came on this site only to laugh at how Slash Film thought the same thing! hahahaha it was amazing! thanks/film!! goodtimes.

    Brett Ratner Directs Guitar Hero World Tour | /Film

  • January 9th, 2008 at 9: 20 am affleckwasthebomb says: ha, remeber when Rockwell was going to be the next big thing? when was it, 2006, maybe even 5, he starred in a few movies in a row, he was cage and clooneys new buddie …. .then what ….


  • The DNC could not pay for this kind of STUFF. please bush go to every meeting your little old buddie has – it will put obama in the white house.

    Obama hits McCain for fundraising with Bush


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