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  • I discovers this slick-haired young gent sittin 'at a desk over by the window, -- a buddin' law clerk, most likely.

    Shorty McCabe on the Job

  • Delilah hair cuttin 'yarn pumped into me, and if there ain't any cogs missin' in her scheme I ought to be buddin 'a soul before long.


  • Tessie is enjoyin 'themselves with the lady shirtwaist makers, I'm standin' behind the counter wearin 'a braided jacket, givin' out check coupons, and stowin 'away hats and top-coats for Master Reginald and other buddin' sports of the younger set.


  • He's a buddin 'financier, Peyton is; one of these little-red-notebook heroes, who wear John D. mottoes pasted in their hats and can tell you just how Carnegie or Armour or Shonts or any of them sainted souls laid up their first ten thousand.

    Torchy and Vee

  • The buddin 'woods look bigger, the mounting twice as high,

    Songs out of Doors

  • There's other kinds o 'meracles besides buddin' rods 'n' burnin 'bushes' n 'loaves' n 'fishes.

    Timothy's Quest A Story for Anybody, Young or Old, Who Cares to Read It

  • But aitin soa mich o 'one sooart o' stuff seemed to have a strange-effect o'th 'childer, for they fair seem'd to grow gaumless an' th 'hair o' ther heead stood up like a caah toppin, an 'Dawdles hissen wor terrified if one on 'em complained ov a pain i' ther heead, for fear th 'horns should be buddin'.

    Yorksher Puddin' A Collection of the Most Popular Dialect Stories from the Pen of John Hartley

  • From the sooty veil of London, which might dim the buddin 'green

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 104, May 6, 1893

  • 'Member one time I went up there to offer to watch jest in the spring o' the year, when the laylocks was jest a buddin 'out, and Miry she come and talked with me over the fence; and the poor gal she fairly broke down, and sobbed as if her heart would break, a tellin' me her trouble.

    Oldtown Fireside Stories

  • The old minister had an orchard of most particular good fruit, for he was a great hand at buddin, graftin, and what not, and the orchard (it was on the south side of the house) stretched right up to the road.

    The Clockmaker — or, the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville


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