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  • adjective having a buff color


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  • The smoke-stack, buff-coloured underneath, was white with salt, while the whistle-pipe glittered crystalline in the random sunlight that broke for the instant through a cloud-rift.


  • It is notable for its distinctive pattern of buff-coloured spots scattered across its dark brown back and sides.are found only in the central Philippines and before the herds dwindled through heavy hunting and rapid habitat loss, they were present on the islands of Cebu, Guimaras, Leyte, Masbate, Negros, Panay and Samar.

    World’s Rarest Deer Found In Philippines | Impact Lab

  • The phrase drifted loose in my mind for a moment, and then I saw it in red lettering on a little buff-coloured pamphlet, to read which made one shiver and creep.

    The Island of Doctor Moreau

  • He stood there, looking at the buff-coloured front of the large, architecturally insignificant, but no doubt convenient family mansion in which his father and sister still lived.

    The Years

  • William the gardener sat on the box in his buff-coloured coat with the plated buttons flicking the flies off.

    The Years

  • On entering the house I was greeted in English by Mr Hugh Pritchard himself, a tall bulky man with a weather-beaten countenance, dressed in a brown jerkin and corduroy trowsers, with a broad low-crowned buff-coloured hat on his head, and what might he called half shoes and half high-lows on his feet.

    Wild Wales : Its People, Language and Scenery

  • The boy was clad in a grey suit of the finest cloth, laid down with silver lace, with a buff-coloured cloak of the same pattern.

    The Fortunes of Nigel

  • Out to the open, large, square white sails were stepping gingerly forward, and beyond the buff-coloured, pale desert of water rose far-away blue, sharp hills of the other side, many miles away, pure pale blue with distance, yet sharp-edged and clear in form.

    The Plumed Serpent

  • Godmother was driving herself — a low basket-carriage, harnessed to two buff-coloured ponies.

    The Getting of Wisdom

  • He pointed to the picture of the Madonna, the upper part of which represented the conventional cherubs of Italian Art, celestially provided with sitting accommodation for their chins, on balloons of buff-coloured cloud.

    The Woman in White


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