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  • n. A state which lies between two larger and supposedly hostile states, and thus serves as a ‘buffer.’


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  • Tell me, does patriotism pay me to act as a buffer-state?

    The Five of Hearts

  • Hungary with her ancient nomadic Asiatic roots, respect for western ideals, and history as a buffer-state for Europe, is at the hub of change in Central Europe.

    Hungary, A New Partner for Canada

  • He took a second evening to rifle his fish's laboratory bench-the incredible idiot had stuffed it to bulging with incriminating. photomicrograph negatives, and with bits of paper bearing the symbols of a simple substitution code once circulated to Tom Mix's Square Shooters on behalf of Shredded Ralston-and a third to take step-by-step photos of the hegira to the Believer trailer city, and the radio-transmitter-equipped trailer with the buffer-state license.

    Cities In Flight

  • The rise of Athens is rapidly described, her building of the walls broken down by the Persians, her control of the island-states in a Delian league which eventually became the nucleus of her Empire, her alliance with Megara, a buffer-state between herself and Corinth.

    Authors of Greece

  • A narrow strip of forehead acted as a kind of buffer-state, separating his front hair from his eyebrows, and he bore beyond hope of concealment the badge of his late employment, the cauliflower ear.

    Piccadilly Jim

  • We know the man himself; and it is to be our privilege to act as a buffer-state, to be intermediaries between him and the rest of this deadly, craving, sheepish world -- for the time being; oh yes, just for the time being.

    The Return

  • Christian buffer-state of Armenia a scene of unutterable woe, and even Asia Minor was constantly menaced by the children of the

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize

  • Mrs. Wake, for all her tact, was too wary, too observant, to fill so perfectly the part of buffer-state as was Miss Bocock.

    A Fountain Sealed

  • Since the discovery of the cat, King had been too ready to see affront where none was meant, and the Reverend John, buffer-state and general confidant, had worked for a week to bring about a good understanding.

    Stalky & Co.

  • Clearly it was not to Russia's interest to weaken the only buffer-state that remained between her and the Empire of the West.

    The Life of Napoleon I (Volume 2 of 2)


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