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  • n. A quantity of e-mail messages notifying of changes made in a bug tracker.


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From bug + mail.


  • The goal of flooding my inbox with bugmail has been reached

    life at the end of the universe » 2008 » June

  • Quickly reply to your bugmail on bugzilla. without leaving Thunderbird

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • It is now possible to subscribe to Ubuntu bugmail for the packages you care about, without having to use Launchpad (and subscribe on a per-package basis there).

    Ubuntu Forums

  • Especially if instructions how to provide further information have been posted already adding just another "I have this problem too" comment is unhelpful and creates bugmail noise in everybody's inbox.

    Planet Maemo

  • Spent part of last Monday restoring what I still had in my bugmail.

    Planet Maemo

  • Nokia to be more present in maemo. org Bugzilla and folks actually reading bugmail and responding, please reduce adding comments on what is helpful and avoid unneeded fullquotes or answering above the quote.

    Planet Maemo

  • I've been a bit frustrated at how often I switch from my e-mail client to my browser when I'm reading bugmail to reply to some comment.

    Planet Mozilla

  • Component Watch List wiki search component facet + gloda front end bugs (fixed and open) moved to search component quick search bugs (open) moved to search component do we want Search Messages and saved search folders to move to search component? thinking yes for SM and no for saved search (i.e. keep in folders and message list) waiting on moving more - many should be triaged rather than just mass moved, there are many more (184 bugs) set your bugmail watches to search@thunderbird. bugs! setup vista build environment hosted Gary for 2 weeks - a good guest!

    Planet Mozilla

  • Anyhow, I'm just thinking out loud here, but if you want to 1) Prevent unwanted bugmail 2)

    Planet Maemo


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