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  • adj. Pertaining to the urethra and the bulb of the penis.


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  • Another procedure, called the bulbourethral sling or male sling, supports the urethra with a mesh hammock.

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  • In front of it the deep dorsal vein of the penis enters the pelvis between the transverse ligament of the pelvis and the arcuate pubic ligament; on either side near its termination are the bulbourethral glands.

    XI. Splanchnology. 3b. 4. The Male Urethra

  • The male genitals include the testes, the ductus deferentes, the vesiculæ seminales, the ejaculatory ducts, and the penis, together with the following accessory structures, viz., the prostate and the bulbourethral glands.

    XI. Splanchnology. 3c. The Male Genital Organs

  • The bulbourethral glands are two small, rounded, and somewhat lobulated bodies, of a yellow color, about the size of peas, placed behind and lateral to the membranous portion of the urethra, between the two layers of the fascia of the urogenital diaphragm.

    XI. Splanchnology. 3c. 7. The Bulbourethral Glands

  • They arch across the front of the urethra and bulbourethral glands, pass around the urethra, and behind it unite with the muscle of the opposite side, by means of a tendinous raphé.

    IV. Myology. 1F. The Muscles and Fasciæ of the Perineum

  • The bulbourethral gland secretes pre-ejaculate fluid to lubricate the urethra and neutralize pH.

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  • Somewhere between 60-75% of the total volume of semen in a given ejaculate comes from the seminal vesicle; the rest comes from the prostate and bulbourethral gland, with sperm making up a tiny percentage of the final volume.

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  • Just below the prostate is the teeny-tiny bulbourethral gland, whose secretions comprise the majority of pre-ejaculate fluids and function largely in lubricating the urethra.

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  • It is perforated, about 2.5 cm. below the symphysis pubis, by the urethra, the aperture for which is circular and about 6 mm. in diameter by the arteries to the bulb and the ducts of the bulbourethral glands close to the urethral orifice; by the deep arteries of the penis, one on either side close to the pubic arch and about halfway along the attached margin of the fascia; by the dorsal arteries and nerves of the penis near the apex of the fascia.

    IV. Myology. 1F. The Muscles and Fasciæ of the Perineum

  • If the inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm be detached on either side, the following structures will be seen between it and the superior fascia: the deep dorsal vein of the penis; the membranous portion of the urethra; the Transversus perinæi profundus and Sphincter urethræ membranaceæ muscles; the bulbourethral glands and their ducts; the pudendal vessels and dorsal nerves of the penis; the arteries and nerves of the urethral bulb, and a plexus of veins.

    IV. Myology. 1F. The Muscles and Fasciæ of the Perineum


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