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  • The birthers are all atwitter with the latest attempt to prove that President Obama isn't one of us; World Net Daily, which could charitably be described as far-right bull-goose loony, has found the smoking gun: a birth certificate from the "Republic of Kenya" dated February 1964 that states that Barack Hussein Obama was born there in 1961.

    Smoking Something

  • I think Dupmar's suffering from major cognitive dissonance; he wants to be a Conservative never got over Trudeau's imposition of the War Measures Act, so he hates Liberals but can't quite come to grips with how bull-goose loony they all are.

    Um ... what?

  • I am hopeful that the TSA is showing signs, under the Obama administration, of being less inclined to go bull-goose batshit crazy and stay that way for several weeks at a time.

    Making Light: The Worldchanging Power of International Terror Klutzes

  • Speaking of taint and doom, where was the bull-goose Soupstain during the convention?

    Giles Slade: Tit for Tat

  • This thing is the bull-goose model of an entire range of similar products.

    Boing Boing: August 28, 2005 - September 3, 2005 Archives

  • Roy Moore, the former Alabama state court judge who violated the Constitution, flouted numerous direct orders from higher courts, and was finally impeached over a gigantic Christian monument he erected in his courthouse literally in the dark of night, is now bull-goose loony over . . . mad cow disease tracking programs.

    Lean Left » Blog Archive » Roy Moore: insane, proud of it, and leading the parade

  • Twice he had stepped through a ter'angreal like a bull-goose fool,

    Lord of Chaos

  • That's really just how bull-goose looney we've become.


  • If Sarah Palin's meteoric rise to the very stratosphere of American politics has been derailed by … well … her complete and utter lack of qualifications for public office, you can be sure the GOP already has some new, Revelations-spoutin 'bull-goose loony waiting in the wings, ready to whip up the knuckledraggers. them.

    SemiConscious Dot Org

  • I wanted to keep up, because this was so fucking bull-goose looney that I wanted to see what happened next.

    It's A Good Thing He Can't Blow My Mind


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