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  • adj. Alternative spelling of bulllike. Earlier and more common.
  • adv. Alternative spelling of bulllike. Earlier and more common.


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  • And, yes, I'd so much rather live with urban coyotes than with a lot of peoples 'ill-trained pit bull-like dogs ...

    Wild, wild life (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Receiving by heredity the fierce, bull-like nature of his father plus the passive indomitableness and groping spirit of his mother, Fomá, proud and rebellious, is repelled by the selfish, money-seeking environment into which he is born.

    Fomá Gordyéeff

  • It just seems like blind, seeing-red, bull-like rage.

    Think Progress » Former Bush speechwriter tells GOP: Democrats’ passage of health care is actually ‘our’ Waterloo.

  • Think about it, Lucifer was an Angel before he fell, yet he is pictured with bull-like horns, goat-like legs and a tail. "original sin" comes from an incident involving a fruit tree and an arboreal reptile.

    Saving Salmon vs. Climate Change

  • But, as I said, I was in amaze, and the next I knew was the pang of the entering steel as this clumsy provincial ran me through and charged forward, bull-like, till his hilt bruised my side and I was borne backward.

    Chapter 11

  • Her gaze rested for a moment on the muscular neck, heavy corded, almost bull-like, bronzed by the sun, spilling over with rugged health and strength.

    Chapter 1

  • "An 'mebbe I did, bein' that husky an 'rampagin' bull-like."


  • West is not, like some Iagos, a surrogate artist or a matador playing with a bull-like Othello.

    Othello – review

  • Lute, cornered behind the piano, attempted to run but was driven back by the menace of Forrest, who, on hands and knees, stamped loudly with the palms of his hands on the hardwood floor, rolled his head savagely, and emitted bull-like roars.


  • I had a five or seven handicap at that time blundering around bull-like.

    Golfing With A Shotgun


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