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  • n. Plural of bulla.

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  • n. Plural form of bulla.


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  • For example, when traders in the Mediterranean region circa 3000 BC invented seals called bullae to ensure that their shipments reached their destinations tamper-free, they transformed commerce from local to long distance.

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  • Large blisters, like these, are called bullae alkaptonuria, ochronosis X-ray lower lumbo-sacral spine and sacro-iliac joints showing normal sacro-iliac joints and calcification of intervertebral discs alkaptonuria, ochronosis grossly calcified intervertebal discs alkaptonuria, ochronosis early ankylosis of spine alkaptonuria, ochronosis bluish spots on his sclera alkaptonuria, ochronosis Bluish discoloration os ear cartillage hypertrophic osteoarthropathy Note diffuse periosteal new bone formation of the distal radius and ulna.

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  • Compared to wolves, domestic dogs are smaller and have proportionally smaller teeth, a wider palate, broader braincase and higher frontals, and smaller, less rounded auditory bullae.

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  • Species of the latter are specialized for life at high latitudes, and have short tails, a reduced hallux and inflated auditory bullae.

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  • On the second, swelling of the whole foot, and about the ankle erythema, with distention, and small bullae (phlyctaenae); acute fever; he became furiously deranged; alvine discharges bilious, unmixed, and rather frequent.

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  • The outlay to make forged clay bullae -- clay lumps used to seal papyri and packages -- and add a biblical name to them is virtually nothing, and these things go for anywhere from $100,000 on up depending on what is on the bulla.

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  • However, their fathers were wonderfully pleased to see their children going daily to the schools in good order, handsomely dressed in gowns edged with purple, and that Sertorius paid for their lessons, examined them often, distributed rewards to the most deserving, and gave them the golden bosses to hang about their necks, which the Romans called bullae.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • The building, estimated to cover some 20,000 square feet, has so far yielded more than 3,000 bullae -- clay document seals -- that are remains of an archive, according to Sharon C. Herbert of the University of Michigan, who is conducting the excavation with Andrea M. Berlin of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

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  • Herbert is most fascinated, however, by a handful of bullae that are stylistically Phoenician.

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  • Herbert reported that 90 percent of the bullae are in the Greek style, with naturalistic renderings of gods and goddesses, while others depict monarchs and private individuals.

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