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  • adj. Resembling a bullet or the path of a bullet.


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bullet +‎ -like


  • Panicky doubts assailed him when he entered the uptown pneumatic tube and took his place in the bulletlike car that would whisk him to the upper reaches of

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Present-day statistics come bulletlike and wounding:

    Angels of a Lower Flight

  • I used a lathe to turn a steel rod into a bulletlike shape, then used a milling machine to cut away a quarter-circle wedge of the rod, leaving a sharp cutting edge.

    Boing Boing: June 19, 2005 - June 25, 2005 Archives

  • You know you have them when you see small, black bulletlike droppings, hear scratching in the walls, or smell something musty in the cabinets.

    How To Avoid Housework

  • Tears came to her eyes, only to be washed away by the bulletlike slash of raindrops that pounded in fury around them.

    Heart Of The Tiger

  • And any fisherperson, spending more and more time underwater, could surely catch more fish if he or she were more streamlined, more bulletlike -- had a smaller skull.


  • Stile's line charged in, but the Rifleman reacted with poise, making a neat, short bulletlike pass to his receiver on the sideline.

    Blue Adept

  • There was a sheen of oily moisture on the Baron's bulletlike head and his officers weren't particularly happy about it.


  • But if that young millionaire-sportsman had been told that on his first flight this blocky, bulletlike ship was to pitch him headlong into the exact center of the wildest, strangest war this earth had ever seen -- well, it is still probable that the Stoughton company would not have lost the sale.

    Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930

  • His nose was flat and his upper lip curled too much noseward and the lower one chinward, and his bulletlike head rose from between the shoulders.

    The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story


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